Kind of amusing

Gotta admit I'm finding all the hysteria surrounding LJ & the Russians pretty funny...

No offense to the site owners, but it's not like this form of social media has been a force for years now....
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baby name

normally I'd never use this to comment on something like a celeb baby name....there are so few normal ones out there but the Kim/Kanye baby name - if true- is just unreal....

North West? poor kid

parental bragging

Am playing proud mom this week....

the youngest, Tina, found out she made JV show choir this past tuesday (think Glee if you don't know what it is)...
& then on Thursday she passed the learner's permit test. Of course she doesn't actually *get* the permit til she officially turns 15 but she's got it....

Snow & fundraising....

So after months of planning plus spending most of last night setting up at the school because of mother nature needing to dump all this white stuff on us, the showchoir showdown is cancelled.

Showchoir? you ask - yep, not Glee but very much like it. & the showdown is the biggest fundraiser for the whole chorale department. Already wondering what's going to happen to the parent fees next year.
As well as wondering what we're going to do with all that *food* that delivered yesterday.....


this was written back when JM first died & posted as the home page for my Gibbs' Office group. Am putting it here since I'm working on the group's home page this afternoon....

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another book

Ever been remotely curious about Iran? Wondered what went on behind the scenes in the Revolutionary Guards after the Islamic regime took it over?
If so, then A Time to Betray by Reza Kahlili is a must read. It's the autobiographical account of a man born in the 60s that focuses on his time as a member of those Guards. Reza walks us thru his life - joining the Guards, getting married, losing a best friend to Evin Prison & the atrocities that happen there. It's this event that spurs him to contact the CIA and begin his life as a spy - which is the heart of this story.
I'd expected to bored or confused but I read the book in 3 1/2 days (as time permitted) as I was so engrossed in his life.
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Book suggestions

Have been on a major library excursion kick of late...At 1 point I had about 8 books over the last 2 weeks to read. two of the ones I just finished are the Kate Gosselin letters to her kids & Sara Palin's Going Rogue.

The Gosselin book was pretty much what I expected. But then, until it imploded, watching her & her brood every week was one of my guilty pleasures. Nothing major there although it was sweet to read the origin & reason for writing the letters. & as messed up as I still think they all are, it did give a bit of insight into her thought processes.

Sara Palin's book is one I'd definitely recommend to all of my democrat or highly liberal friends. The book is long, very in depth and really details many of the 'scandals' that the liberal media & the democrats hit her with. I also loved her insight into the McCain 'headquarters'. Gotta wonder what the election outcome would have been without that group of people.
Palin is sly as a fox & way smarter than many would paint her out to be. Want insight into the real person instead of just believing the crap....don't miss this book.
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& they wonder why I left?

For those who don't know, I've been pretty heavily involved in Altar Society at my church for the last 4 years. Just finished up a stint as president this past June.
Also for those who don't know, which is most, life has pretty much been hell this year in my house. My 2 oldest have had whatever issues they have explode to out of control with my son ending up trying to put me in a wrestling move on my youngest's bday (spending 3 days in the teen psych ward after) & my oldest going thru a variety of issues, starting with revealing she's anorexic & taking it as far as nearly trying to kill herself in late April spending a week in a different psych ward herself. (we won't get into her summer drama)
Through it all I got a lot of mixed comments from the people at the Catholic church I went to, was pretty heavily involved in & sent all 3 of the kids to school to.
A couple crowning glory moments in my growing disillusionment include watching the 'important' Catholics in the diocese get drunk (including the Bishop) every year at the ritzy Catholic Social Services dinner/fundraiser, listening to the endless whine whenever things weren't exactly the way they've been for the last 20 years, & then being told multiple times (by those who claimed to care & be friends) that if I'd only learn to balance the budget with just my full-time job, quit my 2 almost part time jobs & stay home more to be a 'proper mother' that nothing that happened with the kids this year would have happened. (won't get into my budget issues but the extra jobs are necessary for survival)
This does not include having the 'friend' whose kid helped spur Candice's near suicide blatantly deny that her kid had anything to do with it even when confronted by the facebook he sent my kid to getting to listen to several of the known 'aren't they wonderful' types bad mouth renters in general for either not paying their rent on time even if they didn't have the $$ to how dare they have dogs & just generally trash anyone who didn't own their home in general while they waited to be 'oh so holy' & help serve cake to the kids who were just confirmed.
So...basically I came to the decision that I had to leave the church to save any faith I had...talked to my youngest (who's starting 8th grade this year) & she was fine with transfering to a public school. My son already goes to one of the public high schools & my oldest was graduating from the Catholic high school this past May. Was seriously thinking of leaving but was also at the point where I could get talked out of it.
Come week before graduation, & Candice gets told by the financial lady at the high school that she (my kid) had better plan on doing something about the tuition that was still owed because the woman would make sure she wouldn't walk for the ceremony. Fortunately my kid had picked up a sort of champion at the school ( the head of guidance) & I don't know who saw red first - her or me. Several people that I told after said that they felt she was really out of line. All it did was cement my decision to leave.
Candice graduated, & I moved into my last week as Altar Society president. Got asked how big my role was going to be as past president at the last officer meeting I chaired. Told them I was leaving the church. Got the expected 'how could you'.
Fast forward to last night (tuesday), a full 2 weeks after I filed the transfer papers for the kid. Worked a dinner that I probably wouldn't have signed up for if I had known what it was - a celebration of the 50th anniversary in the priesthood for the Bishop. First I saw the nun who's the principal. She walked in the ballroom early, saw me & actually came up to me & gave me a hug (she's *never* done that) then wanted to know why I was pulling the kid. Told her it was a combination of issues - money was a big one. She suddenly said there were ways to work that out. Let her know it was also about everything that had transpired over the last year. She didn't say much. Ran into the school secretary who seemed way too happy to see me...then saw the pastor after & *he* waylaid me about why I was transfering the kid. (Anna, how can you take our Cristina away from us. She needs the covering we provide her) Told him the same thing & he suddenly also said that the $$ thing could be worked out.
I reminded him that he hadn't seen me in church since I left the Altar Society & that was because I'd completely walked away....out came the lecture/spewing of Catholic guilt. I got the 'well you have to just pray for them & forgive them', 'you can't let them come between you & God', all the way to 'you should be holding tight to the Church right now & the Eucharist if you're introuble not pulling away from it' & the best part 'we need to talk more on this & we need to pray for you to do the *right* thing' Amongst other admonitions.
yea....I've got my own rule - never ever cry at any of the jobs....& especially not in the *ballroom* for fuck's sake.....& he wonders *why* I left.....duh, Father Connor....

High School Bowling - the 'grudge' match

So... as some know I've got 2 kids in high school. Both bowl for their respective schools (JV). Today there was a pretty big tournament sponsored by Lincoln High (Austin's school). This was also going to be Austin's first major tournament (ever) for high school bowling. Earlier this week, Candice discovered that she'd be bowling with the JV boys since they'd be 1 player short.
So started the big debate in my house of who would win, who would do better and of course ,the all important who was MOM going to root for.
The tournament consisted of all teams bowling 3 full games & then 5 baker's matches before breaking off into elimination brackets to determine the winner.
Here's the scores from the 3 full games (which also were used to determine individual honors)

1st 2nd 3rd

Candice 182 153 173
Austin 149 122 159

Candice was awarded High Game & High Series for the individual girls & finished as the All Tournament girls team captain. Because of some goofy tournament rule (& a scholarship involved), she was only able to keep one so she got a $50 scholarship for High Series.